Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov




Farid Mammadov won the Azerbaijan national selection last night, beating nine other contestants for the chance to compete in the semi-finals. The 21 year-old, who works for Baku Jazz Centre, will be singing rock-pop ballad Hold Me in English. This is the sixth time last year’s host country has participated in the contest. Azerbaijan has made into the top 10 every year and won the contest in 2011 with Running Scared.




Young Farid doesn’t have much to lose, lyrically, but he sure knows how to work a crescendo and a crowd into a frenzy. Undoubtedly one of this year’s top lookers, he’s destined for the final. Coupling the desires of sofa-tied voters with this weirdly infectious chorus, Azerbaijan seem set to continue their short yet consistently successful Eurovision history. He could do without that bizarre interpretative dance section, though. Girl: look less pained! Farid just wants to be held.

Contagious rating: 9/10