Austria: Natália Kelly




At 18 years old Natália Kelly has already been a contestant in the Austrian Voice, been picked up by Universal, and last night won Austria’s national selection, Österreich Rockt den Song Contest, with Shine. Austria has had a particularly bad time at the Eurovision since 2004 and has only once made it to the final three, but anything is an improvement on last year’s entrant, Trackshittaz.




When a video starts off in black and white, you know it’s going to take itself seriously, even if it does change into colour halfway through. Natália has no one fooled with her graffiti and playful top hat: there’s still the retro microphone and shots of her playing the drums to counteract any doubts of sincerity. And this only slightly detracts from her averaging vocal talent in the 2013 mélange of female ballad-singing soloists, even with a key change and inexplicable introduction of paintballs.

Contagious rating: 4/10