Armenia: Gor Sujyan




Opting to perform in English, Armenia has chosen Gor Sujyan – lead singer of the rock band Dorians, who also put themselves forward to represent the contest in 2009, losing out to Inga and Anush – to represent with the rock ballad Lonely Planet, written by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. The long-haired twenty-something is bringing Armenia back into the competition after pulling out of Baku because of security concerns.



It’s hard to say what Lonely Planet is in fact about – something to do with standing together for human rights? Or environmentalist causes? Gor Sujyan Christopher Abbot  is joined in monochrome by his Dorians band members for the uninspiring video, where he makes it clear that he favours an energetic bop and a 70° lean (straight-laced, mind, these three minutes are too earnest to be talking about swagger) while he walks. The song is quite likely destined for the final: just don’t forget to take your hairbrush to Malmö, my friend.

Contagious rating: 4/10