Albania: Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko




A heavy dose of electric guitar has won Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko a place in the Eurovision through their national competition, Festivali i Këngës. They’re the first male Albanian contestants since 2007, and the country’s first ever duo. Albania reached fifth place last year in the final.

The song, Identitet, is sticking to the mothertongue but has already been accused of lyrical plaigirism.



I am still two minds as to whether this band have spent too many hours in the Hard Rock café or whether they sort of belong on the walls there themselves. With age has certainly come just the right about of poetic licence (narrowly steering clear of Chapman brothers territory) confidence for these men – in both personal style and their music – and this could quite easily work in their favour. Rock might not be Eurovision’s strongest point, but apart from the first verse this isn’t too abrasive and despite being sung in Albanian, removes the need to understand the lyrics (coincidentally about brotherhood and freedom, courtesy of the EBU in the next tab).

Contagious rating: 9/10




I came from far away
Under the dust of time I found clouds and curse
I was standing too close
I touched only flame and fire
I spoke only in silence
I wanted some life, glory
And when I shared the dream
I found a ray of light…a little breath like you… (repeat)

Coming from far away
You’re thirsty, you’re craving
When you see everything changes
Life itself going by
You’re searching in this language
It’s the place where you were born and raise
You shared bravery
And you gave love through years
You ran…found freedom… (repeat)

We were raised by this land
We’ll speak in one language
So there will be no more tears
You’ll be found anywhere around the world
You won’t be a stranger any more
Let it be a new beginning
We together in brotherhood
When I shared the dream,
I found a ray of light…a little breathes like you…
You ran…found freedom…

A ray of light…a little breathes like you…
You ran…found freedom…