Our Queen – ITV

Just as it’s almost hard to believe that the law on the first in line to the throne has changed, it’s hard to believe that ITV were allowed quite so far into the Queen’s daily life for this programme – neither of which are a bad thing, by any stretch.

Following Her Majesty (and, more often, her household) in her Diamond Jubilee year, Our Queen gives as much interest to corgis and asparagus appetizers as ER’s engagement at a local agriculture show. A clip of a school preparing drawings of what they imagine the Queen’s knickers to look like – having read the book of the same title for inspiration – would never have made the editor’s cut on a parallel BBC documentary, but this being ITV there’s whimsy abound. Sporting a tartan skirt and ‘fun’ pink cardi at Balmoral with David Cameron. Advising on table settings and the spacing of pineapple centrepieces.

A respectful distance maintained (sometimes quite literally filming Her Majesty from 50 meters away), of course there would be no startling revelations made about the Queen’s personal daily routines; but away from the praise-filled remembrances from her granddaughters and Gary Barlow, it’s the unnarrated details that make these two hours worthwhile.