All Star Family Fortunes, Charlie’s Angels, Hunting Britain’s Most Wanted

All Star Family Fortunes, 4OD

H6 test

The TOWIE crew take on the cast of Benidorm and there’s nothing that’ll stop Vernon Kay from doing lunges against the contestant’s podiums.

And what do you say when you’re a 14 year-old who gets their baby photo shown on prime-time national television?

 “It’s a bit harsh, innit.” Poor Ollie Stokes. (aka. Michael Garvey)

Days left: 7


Charlie’s Angels, – episode one, 4OD

H6 test

The glossy girls combat prostitution in a not-so-near remake of an original 1976 episode. I miss Jaclyn Smith and even, dare I say it, Kate Jackson and her infuriating curtain fringe.

Days left: 5

Hunting Britain’s Most Wanted, 4OD

H6 test

From Julian Assange and serial rapists to tracking down a fugitive who’s wanted in Poland for cycling whilst drunk, NSY’s 20 man Extradition Unit are responsible for arresting a growing number of foreign fugitives…with varying levels of severity.

Don’t watch before you go to bed – or at least stop after the scene in which two officers alternate between driving and car their running for a bus. Yes, it happened.

Days left: indefinite