Nine: altar


A girl and a boy standing under what looks like an altar (not mistletoe, before you start thinking that) was a slightly weird picture to open. Religious, yes…generally festive, no…

So I’ve interpreted that into a carol concert – the mother of all carol concerts, where York Minster opens its doors to nearly a thousand people and a full orchestra.

Wrapped up in my five layers of knitwear, I was seated amongst the best of the best (and right at the front, Christmas keeno that I am this month). In front, two nuns. To the left,  a woman in a fur coat who definitely thought she was the next Katherine Jenkins. To my right, a chap who I can confirm was as tone death as I. Behind, a baby. Stereotypical demographic: score.

My favourite carol of the night was the choir’s rendition of Silent Night…but the one that highlights up the worst singers was Away In A Manger. Which is bizarre really, because it’s one of the most popular to be taught in schools.

That’s probably the best part about carol concerts – hearing the warblers and the worst singers…and just belting it out yourself. Which is just what I did. The baby, thankfully, kept quiet.