Mozilla Firefox 4

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is here – and it’s not just your regular ‘bit-quicker-but-nothing-new’ update. Developers have been working at it for a year, and if you’re not already using the ‘infinitely superior’ web browser…where have you been?

The newest incarnation of Firefox sees the aesthetics of Windows 7 combine with the seamless transitions of Mac mouse-movements, and the clean layout of Google, all in one browser. It’s easier to use, and might even surpass the expectations of the most die-hard Google Chrome fans.

Its new features appear to have been developed for tab-loving fiends. There’s a Panorama view, to let you select tabs as thumbnails and reorganise your tabs into groups.

For the Facebook stalkers amongst us (don’t deny it, you’re one of them too), the “Pin as App Tab” feature is ideal. It minimises any tab into an icon on your tabs bar, and glows whenever it has refreshed itself with any new updates.

Firefox 4 allows you more on-screen space, too. The Bookmarks and URL bars have been streamlined and compressed – and you can do away with any of them, if you really want – so that you have even more room to view websites.

If personalisation is your thing, check out the Add-ons and Appearance Personas being continually developed, as you read this very article. The Add-ons have an ‘App Market’ feel of their own, although as with any market, be careful with what you choose to download.

For proud Android or iPhone owners, Firefox 4 gets even better. You can Sync your computer and your mobile phone (and they’ve revamped the mobile phone application as well). Your phone will remember your browsing history and sync bookmarks you’ve made on your computer, for inter-connected browsing across your devices. There’s no way in which you won’t feel like James Bond. Or Agent Cody Banks, at least.

It’s quicker, as well: Mozilla claim that the new browser is six times faster than their oldest version. What’s not to love?