Homeland Season Two – Channel 4

I wish I could describe the premise of Homeland Season Two in greater depth. Unlike Season One, it was tenuous from the start. It had lost the majority of its suspense and threats, Clare Danes’ looks of consternation were already passe. With a switch in the amount of screentime given to Saul and Jessica, yawns were inevitable. And somehow, the series seemed less politically relevant than it had done a year before.

As if Brody and Carrie’s relationship wasn’t complex enough before, Season Two sees even the duo confused to a point of exasperation themselves, and all but staged passion fade away. The most engaging plotlines ran parallel to the series’ core events, revolving around Brody’s daughter Dana, played by teenage Morgan Saylor, who will hopefully be allowed to come into her own in the even more tenuously premised third round.

And need every season have a huge explosion towards the close?