Great Houses With Julian Fellowes – ITV

There’s something about watching Julian Fellowes be lectured on the usage and enormity of early twentieth-century roasting pans that is distinctly dull. Roasting pans at the best of times are the vehicles of a succulent roast. In Great Houses With Julian Fellowes, it’s a different story. They are hung like trophies covered twenty vertical meters of wall in a country house. And for the cameraman, this is the perfect opportunity to crack out the wide-angle lens before the light fades.

As for Julian, he’s engrossed with whatever his academic specialist ladyfriend is saying about the hugely important role of these pans in the lives of country estate owners and their staff. Watch the next series intently for a BAFTA-worthy scene that revolves entirely around Daisy, Mrs. Pattimore and perhaps even Carson or Lady Mary (she’ll weigh in on just about anything) debating the kitchen’s latest purchase: yes, a state of the art roasting pan. The ladies see it as a vital investment, Carson is dubious about the expenditure and Lady M would just like to make ensure that there is quail on the menu.

And so…to the rest of the house! To learn in the manner of a school trip about all sorts of mundane details, accompanied by an ever-grinning Mr. Fellowes.