Fourteen: present

Courtesy of gravity_grave

I got given my first pre-Christmas present today a cookie with my initial on it…accompanied by some mulled wine. (Which smelt better than it tasted.)

Thank you Harriet!

I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping before the end of the week, and my list of recipients is small but select. I haven’t decided what I’ll be getting for any of them yet, so hopefully inspiration will strike soon. In the mean time…

The three best ways to decide on an amazing present for someone else:

  • pay attention to what they’ve been hinting about for the past six weeks
  • trawl through their browser history for clues
  • don’t get them socks, unless they asked for special thermals

The failsafe to receiving a bad gift gracefully:

  • embrace them in an immediate hug so they can’t see the horror on your face

How to know you’ve got someone something they truly love:

  • watch them spontaneously smiling with joy for the next 24/36/48/7865 hours for no other apparent reason
  • feel your circulation being cut off when they hug you with absolute elation