Four: car

The Coca-Cola brand is probably the ultimate culprits of commercialising Christmas, but somehow every still seems to love their annual adverts (and the product).

So much so, that in 2001 when the Christmas trucks were discontinued in their advertising strategy, enough people complained for them to revive the trucks in 2007. At least pennies were saved as Coca-Cola has a freephone customer service number, but reason was clearly long lost.

I got a car in my advent calendar this morning, and had a bit of a panic about how I could possibly find something that relates Christmas to automobiles. But this weekend, the Coca-Cola truck visited York. I hadn’t intended to go, because as would be expected, it wasn’t that Christmassy in itself.

Fortunately, the #festivefail was accompanied by a hugely redeeming – albeit unrelated – Festive Fayre in the city’s square. Nothing accompanies commercialism better than a ‘wood scented’ cable knit scarf, sold to you out of a portable beach hut.