Five: bell

There’s a small church backing onto my house which every weekend, lets its bells ring out, normally waking us all up before 8am. This is not something which is easy to find festive when it occurs week after week.

So when I opened my calendar today to find a chocolate bell, painful recollections of my own personal alarm clock did not find fill me with joy.

But as the Living Advent Calendar, I did a bit of campanology (the study of musical bells) and it turns out bell ringing is a very mathematical activity full of algorithms, counting and a good pair of earplugs.

You can still learn to bell ring in groups formed throughout Great Britain or if you can’t hack a “full peal”, keep up the seasonal goodwill with a bit of bell restoration work.

I’m more inclined towards learning how to ring a handbell. Sounds dodgy – but looks incredibly festive. Plus, a great excuse to avoid other people discovering how you are practically tone-deaf when singing Christmas carols.