Eleven: sleigh


I’ve always wanted to have a sleigh ride. Living in England doesn’t make this particularly easy (let’s face it, almost impossible), but as the Living Advent Calendar I’ve found an alternative. I’m not guaranteeing it’ll be as good as the real deal yet at least it doesn’t involve trans-Atlantic travel.

Sleigh Ride 4D actually aired last year but a couple of places (namely Gwent  and Manchester) are still showing it.

Meanwhile, a sleigh was prominently featured in Mariah Carey’s remake of All I Want For Christmas Is You feat. Justin Bieber. I haven’t a clue what she was thinking in terms of her outfit or why he is dressed like a lumberjack who bathes in hair gel, but they do seem to be having fun right at the end there. Maybe a little too much fun. Calm it down, Mariah, you know what they say about a cougar dressed in feathers and pearls.