Community – review

There’s something eminently dislikeable about Community. Perhaps it’s the intentionally disagreeable characters, perhaps it’s seeing Chevy Chase at his worse. Little wonder he parted ways with the show in Season Four.

Mainstream channel comedies can’t resist a stereotype. Community takes typecasting to such an extreme that it’s almost shocking that it has continued into its fifth, current season. While it claims to parody these clichés, with an overdose of self-centred and forced premises for each episode, it largely slips into a trap of perpetuating them.

Community follows a group of (each in their own way) outcasts as they form a study group at community college. Needless to say, the adult learners seem to get little in the way of actual studying done, but countless classroom escapades, romances and tiffs ensue. The punch and plotlines are equally predictable, but luckily that hasn’t held back two of its original stars: Alison Brie and Donald Glover have both since starred in dramatic roles in Mad Men and Girls, respectively. There’s still hope.