The twenty-four days of Christmas

Courtesy of Simple Girl, Simple Life

Twenty-four days of festive-finding later, I’m feeling a (not so quiet) sense of success.

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Twenty-four: angel

Merry Chrictmas

Merry Chrictmas!

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Twenty-three: holly

Courtesy of Anduze traveller

Christian/Druid/Roman/Celtic symbolisms aside, holly is a painful plant.

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Twenty-two: Father Christmas

Courtesy of David Jones

Santa Clause, Father Christmas, Saint Nick – the big guy.

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Twenty-one: elf

Elf shoes

Just go Elf Yourself…no no, I’m not being rude!

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Twenty: elephant

Courtesy of Stephen and Claire Farnsworth

I’m stumped: an elephant in an advent calendar?

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Nineteen: rocking horse


Do people/children/equestrian lovers even have rocking horses any more?

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Eighteen: tree

Courtesy of Barbara Piancastelli

Putting up a Christmas tree – one man’s visual atrocity is another man’s aesthetic treasure.

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Seventeen: reindeer

Courtesy of Jaanus Sillas

I was a bit worried about finding a reindeer for today’s post…but then, at a petrol station: it appeared.

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Sixteen: cracker

Courtesy of Harry Rose

Why do some companies insist on putting factoids inside their crackers instead of jokes?

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