University sacrifices: choosing between the first or the fun

Charlotte Fairclough

Whether it’s taking part in something that relates to what you want to do when you graduate, or volunteering to plant trees in local parks, everything is a ‘useful’ experience. If not at university, when else?

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Increasing PhD led seminars will hamper undergraduates

Increasing PhD students will hamper undergraduates

The University’s website boasts lecturers who are at the top of their academic fields. There’s only so much genius to go around, but need PhD students be the middle ground answer?

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In need of a new denomination

Is it time to give Christianity a shake-up?

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We should not let SpongeBob, Barney and Dora rule the primary curriculum


Some schools in various areas of the United Kingdom are allowing children to choose their own topics of study. This is an idea seriously close to risking the future of our educational system, if widely accepted and continued.

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Why Eurovision should take a tip from Simon Cowell

On an average year, the Eurovision song contest is dubbed a ‘joke’ by the majority of viewers, due to a running standard of low expectations: off-key ballad by alright-looking-20-something male; at least three horrendous ‘pop’ numbers; points scored for belly-dancing; political voting where the United Kingdom seems to have absolutely no allies; the underdog who […]

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The monarchy is here to stay

Gabriel Villena

Why do we find the concept of royalty exciting?

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Do desperate times call for desperate measures?

According to research conducted outside of the University of York, a “third of students would strip to fund their degree and lifestyle.” Would you?

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